One Day In Lab

Task module
The morning began with coffee & checking tasks
Drag & Drop tasks in and between calendar and “No due date” box.
Calendar and list view. Display tasks by day, week or month.
Group & private tasks. Appoint tasks to specific user or project.
Inventory module
We have run out of DMEM, so I placed a new order. I used a built-in option to automatically ask for quotes from different vendors.
Create an order list. You may send it to a member's email or export to EXCEL.
Attach files and quotes for orders.
Automatically ask for quotes for a list of items from different vendors.
Make new orders, mark items as ordered and when it arrives, click to add to the inventory.
We will run today an immunofluorescence staining for CD11b, so I need an anti-mouse antibody conjugated to 488. An instant inventory search will help me to find the location and instructions.
Custom fields and custom types for maximum flexibility.
Rich filters and instant search, find what you need in seconds.
Low amount and expiration alerts.
A detailed description of each item and history of use.
I want to stain also for CD32, but we don't have an antibody. Maybe Robert’s lab has it? I will check.
Provide and gain access to the inventory of the labs around you.
Protocols module
Now let's get the protocol. I see that @Bob suggests using a 20 minute fixation for our cells. I will follow his advice.
Protocols are accessible to all members of your group.
Rich filters and instant search, find what you need in seconds.
Export protocols directly to your notebook.
Leave comments and remarks.
Notebook module
I already planned an experiment and made all calculations yesterday. Let’s take a look. Oh! I see that my supervisor is asking me to add one more test. That's a really cool idea.
Plan future work and experiments.
Discuss results and leave comments and remarks .
The experiment is done, all that's left to do is to write the results in the notebook. I will share them with my colleagues.
Rich in-line text editor with many functions.
Rich filters and live search.
Nothing will be lost, as each change is saved, and nothing can be removed.
You can create and insert custom templates into the notes.
Projects module
Let's see what our team has done recently.
An automatic summary of the lab's activity.
Divide users, notes, protocols and tasks to projects.
Messenger module
Organize team discussions.
Divide discussions into projects and use live search.

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