LabSpace collects two types of information:
Information that you enter while using the Service. When you provide it, LabSpace may collect Profile Data and Professional Data. "Profile Data" includes your full name, picture, email address, institutional affiliation, mailing address, experience, publications and laboratory address. "Professional Data" includes information about your research, including, but not limited to, certain details of your reagent inventory, protocols, animals, equipment, facilities, or ongoing experiments.
By joining LabSpace, you accept this Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use; however, as a LabSpace Member you are under no obligation to provide Profile Data or Professional Data to LabSpace.
Information about how you use the Service. When you use the Service, we may collect basic information such as your IP address, the browser you are using to access the Service, and the operating system running on your computer. Also, we may monitor what website software features you access, how often you access them, and how active you are when you access them. Knowing this information allows us to improve the site and make it better fit the needs of LabSpace Members and Users.
Cookies. LabSpace also uses "cookies". Cookies are small amounts of data that are stored on your computer and relay your usage patterns to the Service. Cookies allow us to personalize the Service for you. You can block cookies through your web browser if you do not want LabSpace to use cookies.
Registration and Account Activation
Current or past research scientists may register with, and become Members of, LabSpace. Membership is void where prohibited.
Registration. To register, you are required to provide some Profile Data. If you do not wish to provide LabSpace with this Profile Data, you should not register
Account Activation. After successful registration, LabSpace will take steps to verify your identity before activating your account. To verify your identity, LabSpace will cross-reference the Profile Data that you provided at registration with publicly available databases. LabSpace may collect information about you from those publicly available sources (e.g. university databases, search engines, newspapers, etc.) for the purpose of identity verification and account activation
While you are a LabSpace Member you agree to the following:
  1. The Profile Data you provide will be accurate, truthful, complete, and current.
  2. The Professional Data you provide will be accurate, truthful, complete, and current.
  3. You will maintain the security of your password
  4. You will update the Registration Information and Profile Data you provide to LabSpace as it changes.
  5. You are fully responsible for all use and content of your account.
How LabSpace Uses Your Profile and Professional Data
To Contact You. LabSpace uses your Profile Data and your Professional Data to contact you regarding: your account, changes to the website, website newsletters, and special offers open to LabSpace Members. You may opt-out of these communications if you so choose by contacting us at Should you opt-out, LabSpace reserves the right to send you notices regarding the status of your account. LabSpace may use Profile Data to contact you, and may also enhance or merge Profile Data with data obtained from other parties for the same purposes.
Market Analysis. At times, LabSpace will collect, retain, and use your Profile Data for market analysis. LabSpace may also compile and distribute reports to third parties using Profile Data and Professional Data; however, individuals will never be identified in these reports.
Back Up. LabSpace may keep a backup copy of all Profile Data and Professional Data for a reasonable period of time to allow the website and its Members to revert back to a prior version of that Data.
Access to Your Profile and Professional Data
LabSpace does not sell, trade, rent, or otherwise disclose your Profile Data or your Professional Data, other than as stated in this Privacy Policy and in the Terms of Use, unless you first provide us with written or electronically transmitted permission to do so.
Default Settings. By default, certain aspects of your Professional Data are viewable on LabSpace only by you, by Members and Users to whom you designate access, or by all LabSpace Members and Users. The relationships you have with other Members (as defined in the Terms of Use) determines these default access levels. Your Profile Data is, by default, viewable by both LabSpace members and the general public. Members may elect to restrict access to their Profile data to LabSpace Members only, and they may exclude their Profile email address from all LabSpace Members and Users. Relationship definitions do not affect access to Profile Data. Profile data will appear in LabSpace-restricted search results, and may be made available to third party search engines.
Privacy Settings. LabSpace Members can control the privacy settings applicable to their Profile Data and their Professional Data on the Service, and may modify those settings at any time.
It is your responsibility to apply appropriate privacy settings to the Profile and Professional Data you submit through the Service. Privacy settings are available to restrict access to Profile and Professional Data that is proprietary or otherwise sensitive. For example, reagents can be stored in user-generated "Private Inventories". When a reagent is placed in a Member's private inventory only he or she can see that reagent, and it is not shared among his or her labmates. Members can make adjustments to these privacy settings at any time.
You should understand that no security measures are perfect or inviolable, and while LabSpace makes reasonable effort to preserve the integrity of the privacy structure in the Service, you post Profile Data and Professional Data at your own risk. LabSpace is not responsible for circumvention of any of our privacy settings. LabSpace cannot guarantee that the Data you submit through the Service will not be viewed by unauthorized persons. In the event of a security breach we will notify the affected Members and repair the breach in a reasonable amount of time.
Incidental Access. LabSpace works with other companies to provide information technology services to its Members and Users. These companies may have access to LabSpace's databases, but only for the purposes of providing service to LabSpace. For example, a third party may obtain access to your Profile or Professional Data in an effort to update database software, or manage data. These companies will operate under consumer confidentiality agreements with LabSpace.
Members and Users should report any unauthorized activity or unauthorized use of information to as soon as they become aware of such activity. Unauthorized use of Profile Data or Professional Data violates this Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use.
If you choose to use our invitation service, we will ask you for information needed to send the invitation, such as a colleague's email address. LabSpace stores this information to send this invitation, to register a friend connection if your invitation is accepted, and to track the success of our referral program. Your friend may contact us at to request that we remove this information from our database.
Age Restriction
Registration, use of, or access to the website by people under eighteen (18) years of age is a violation of this Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use. By registering with LabSpace, you represent and warrant that you are 18 years of age or older and that you agree to and will comply with all of the terms of this Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use.
LabSpace reserves the right to terminate access to Members and Users at any time with or without cause.
Changes to Business
LabSpace may transfer, sell, or assign information concerning use of the Service, including without limitation, Members' Profile Data and Professional Data, in the event of a change in business practices such as a merger, acquisition by another company, consolidation, liquidation, or reorganization.
Changes to Policies
LabSpace reserves the right to revise or update this policy at any time. If we do so, we will post a new Privacy Policy on the Service and/or notify you. We encourage Members and Users to check back frequently for changes. This Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use apply to the LabSpace alpha version and to all subsequent versions.
You may contact us at any time with questions or concerns regarding the Terms of Use or the Privacy Policy at